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Fancy meeting you here. Do you come here often? If so, you'll know that this is all sort of new. Well, it's old hat, really, but it's new to you so there you go. Try not to get too excited, okay?

Bleed the Blood of the Dying Record

This is the Pretentious Record Store Guy Kickstarter Video

There is currently a Kickstarter Campaign that is in full swing to help collect the three issues of Pretentious Record Store Guy into a larger book. Please watch the video and contribute to the cause. You'll be the envy of all your friends and the bane of your frenemies when they discover your newly found Indie Comic Book cred.

These are the Pretentious Record Store Guy Comics

To read the comic about the adventures of a record store clerk who has forgotten more about music than you'll ever know from the start of the beginning, simply click on each issue and you will carried away to a dark corner of the internet where you can make a purchase.

Relax. You've done this before.

Pretentious Record Store Guy No.1

Pretentious Record Store Guy
Issue No.1

Pretentious Record Store Guy No.2

Pretentious Record Store Guy
Issue No.2

Pretentious Record Store Guy No.3

Pretentious Record Store Guy
Issue No.3

Pretentious Record Store Blog

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Riverfront Times Pretenious Interview with Me
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